Mark Jones' KR-2S LED Rudder Nav Light
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The following photos show how I have adapted a Super Bright Wide Angle LED lamp to my rudder. The LED lamp is an 1156 automotive. It is the wide angle design which gives a full light effect of 120 degrees and can be seen 180 degrees. I have floxed an 1156 socket inside the 3/4" PVC pipe. The LED lamp was then inserted and a rubber o-ring was installed in the space between the lamp base and the PVC pipe. The o-ring eliminates vibration of the LED lamp and will not allow the lamp to be removed unless the o-ring is removed first. The PVC pipe section will now be flared in to the top of the rudder after the counterbalance weight is installed. Once that is done, I will cover the PVC pipe, foam and counterbalance weight with a layer of 5.8 oz glass cloth.  A very simple and very bright rudder light.