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Mark Jones KR-2S Experimental Aircraft Flight krs
Mark Jones' KR-2S "WunderBird"

As most of you know I sold the first KR2S I built. That was a decision I wish I had never made. Anyway, I have decided to build my second KR2S aircraft. Am I a glutten for punishment? No I don't think so as I love to build and knowing what I know from my first build I can only expect a much better bird this time. To speed up the process and greatly reduce my build time I have acquired a partially built project from Bernie Wunder. Bernie has put many hours of quality time into this project and his craftsmanship is only to behold. He has taken every step meticulously producing a boat and a set of spars that I have no problem flying. The following are a few photos of his work. This is also my starting point on this project. My Goal is to fly this plane to the 2020 KR Gathering.

Bernie Wunder's page click here.

Here are some of Bernie's photos. You can see his work is quality. Please click on his link above to see more of his construction.


5/20/2018 In this photo you can see that I have the main spar temporarily in place. I have leveled the fuselage both front to back and side to side. The rear bulkhead for the forward horizontal stabilizer has been built and T-88 epoxied in place making sure the bulkhead is perfectly vertical. This is done using a digital "Smart Tool" level. After that was done I placed the forward horizontal stabilizer spar in place and T-88 epoxied it in place making sure it is both perfectly vertical, level and parallel to the forward wing main spar. Wow, did you notice I have cleaned my shop? I have removed almost everything which is not needed to build my KR. I now have a "Man Cave".

5/21/2018 In these photos I am rigging up things to check for fit and alignment. Notice the main center spars are now tapered to the airfoil dimension.