Mark Jones' KR-2S Corvair Engine.
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Mark Jones' Corvair Engine
Page One
This imaculate engine was built by Pat Panzera. Pat has spared no pain in developing one of the most beautiful CorvAIRCRAFT engines you will ever see. This is a true show stopper with craftsmanship and precise work very evident in this engine. Pat also has a very informative CorvAIRCRAFT web site. Simply click on his engine to go to his site.
11-30-00. This is the front view of my Corvair 110hp, 164ci, 2700cc engine. I have installed the William Wynne safety shafted 8409 crankshaft, OT-10 cam, cylinders bored .020, TRW Forged .020 oversized pistons, William Wynne's prop hub, and Sealed Power lifters. The engine was completely disassembled, cleaned and is being rebuilt using all new or rebuilt (only when new parts are not available) parts. I will install a rear starter and alternator, and original ignition system and mechanical fuel pump.
1-17-01. What a beautiful job of valve lapping and seating done by Mark Langford, a true friend of mine who dedicated over 18 hours of his time to reworking these heads. I can not thank him enough for the exceptional job he did for me.
1-17-01. See, I told you this was a beautiful job!!!
12-29-00. I had the rear cover bead blasted yesterday. This cover was almost black and now looks better than new. Although the color here looks goldish, the finish is actually a brilliant silver after the bead blasting.
12-29-00. These are new rockers with new grooved balls and new nuts. These are pre mated and come individually packaged from Clark's. Caution must be taken when installing the push rod guides to make certain the stamped U on the guide is facing down and towards you.
1-17-01. The push rod tubes. These are painted with "Dupli Color" 1200 degree ceramic paint and baked in the oven for two hours at 300 degrees. This paint is easily found at your local auto parts house. The ceramic paint helps deflect heat from the cylinders.
1-17-01. These are TRW Forged .020 oversize pistons with Hastings Chrome Rings. On the top of each piston you will find an arrow with the word "front" stamped below it. Make absolutely sure these arrows are pointing towards the front (bell housing or prop hub) of the engine. There is an offset in these pistons which the eye can not see.
12-29-00. This starter is from a 1996 Nissan Sentra 1.6 liter automatic and turns the Corvair engine very nicely. The flex plate I will use also comes from the Nissan Sentra 1.6L.
3-16-01. The rear of my engine showing the distributor gear on the crankshaft inside the rear cover. The distributor and fuel pump are installed and the bracket to the left of the fuel pump will hold the starter at the top. The oil filter housing was machined down to allow the bracket to be adapted to the top. The oil filter and oil cooler will be remotely mounted on the firewall.
4-27-01. This fine pully designed by Mark Langford will turn a John Deere dynamo (alternator) part number AM877557 which is regulated by a John Deere regulator number AM101406. The pully also acts as a flexplate adapter and is mounted to the harmonic balancer.