Mark Jones' KR-2S Corvair Engine Mount
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6-12-01. This is my mount as I received it today from William Wynne. This mount is the result of a design he and Mark Langford drew on a napkin at dinner one evening during the 2001 Corvair College. William did an exceptional job of fabricating and welding.
6-12-01. If you look close you can see at the lower mount pads there are 101 degree braces which wrap under the fuselage. This will give six attach points. Four points horizontal through the firewall and two points vertical through the fuselage floor.
This shows how the Diehl nose gear is attached to the motor mount. The gear pad is bolted to the firewall and welded to the motor mount. In this photo, things do not look straight and square, believe me they are.
6-12-01. The design of this mount provides superb strength. Note the large triangulation supporting the engine. Also note the upper mpont arms are extended wide towards the outer edge of the firewall.
This side view helps to show the nose gear arrangement.
Note the 101 degree angled brackets going under the fuselage. This allows bolts to be placed through the fuselage floor, in the solid portion, making this a six point attachment mount.