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Fifth Bearing Set Up
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UPDATE NOTE: After the installation of the fifth bearing as depicted below I had a cam gear failure during takeoff on August 25, 2009. The resulting damage from the cam gear failure left the Dan Weseman Fifth Bearing unusable. At this point, I decided to no longer attempt the rebuild of my engine myself but elected to have Roy Sarafinski perform a short block rebuild with the installation of his fifth bearing. Roy's expertise in Corvair engines and his superbly designed fifth bearing has proven to this day to have been the correct choice for my engine rebuild. After Roy returned my short block rebuild to me I completed the installation and made the first engine run on 3/14/2010. To this day I am still flying the Roy Sarafinski Fifth Bearing and have not had any problems at all. I highly recommend Roy to all of you for both his knowledge and expertise as well as his immaculately designed fifth bearing.

Please note the photos and information below are the original Dan Weseman Fifth Bearing.

These photos are of my new fifth bearing which I installed on the front of my Corvair engine after I had a crankshaft break on 8-16-2008. This fifth bearing set up was designed by Dan Weseman. After having two flights so far with this set up, I have found that my engine is extremely smooth in comparison to flying without the fifth bearing. I will keep updates posted on the flight progress.