Mark Jones' KR-2S Flight Controls.
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A view of the modified control horn assemblies and the Rod End Bearing Hinges as designed by Dr. Dean Collette. These are far superior to the Rand Robinson design as shown in the plans. These hinges operate as smooth as glass and the ease of installation alone makes them worthwhile. To view the drawings and bill of material for the rod end bearings and control horns simply click here.
The cockpit carpet has been installed as well as the Rand Robinson rudder pedals with nylon bearing blocks. Matco hydraulic toe brakes are also in place. The rudder cables are installed and notice the cable pulley and bracket on either side of the inside fuselage sides. The control stick is made 3/4" 6061-T6 tube with a Teakwood grip and push to talk button.
This photo shows the aileron cable routing and system set up to work with the AS5046 airfoil. The stock Rand Robinson aileron belcrank will not fit inside the AS504X airfoil behind the aft spar. You must move it to the front side of the aft spar.
This design of aileron cable routing is for the RAF48 airfoil. This is what I had prior to changong to the new AS5046 airfoil. Note how I have routed the cable around the Diehl gear brackets. This set up has been completely removed and improved as you will see in the next photo.  
The modified aileron belcrank assembly was relocated to the forward side of the aft spar. This will give you much more room between the top and bottom skins of the RAF48 airfoil and is essential if you are using the AS504X airfoil. The aileron pushrod will pass through the space between the inboard and outboard aft spar provided by the wing attach fittings. The aileron cross cable is now directly under your butt so make sure there is enough clearance under your seat.
This is my elevator counterbalance. This design is very similar to Mark Langford's. With Mark Langford's excellent web site, I was able to build this set up. It is a very efficient arrangemant which is totally enclosed in the fuselage. A lead weight will be added to the end of the square tubing as the counterbalance.
This is a close up of the aileron belcrank arrangement I am using on the AS5046 airfoil. Mounting on the forward side of the aft spar is essential due to the thinner trailing edge on the AS5046 airfoil. This is basically a reversed version of the stock belcrank as depicted on the Rand Robinson KR-2S plans.
This is a good view of my right main gear of the Diehl Tri Gear I am using. The hydraulic brake system is Matco. The axle is 5/8" pre welded kit offered by Great Plains Aircraft.
Here is the control stick and cable assembly. The aileron attach bracket on the bottom of the control stick also pivots. This set up is a little beefier than what the plans call for.