Mark Jones' KR-2S Front Deck.
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The beginning of the forward deck is accomplished by making templates of the firewall and instrument panel. The layers of foam are hot glued together and also hot glued to the templates. We are now ready to begin the shaping of the bottom side of the deck by hot wiring the foam.
After the bottom of the deck was hot wired, a layer 5.8oz glass cloth was laid up using E-Z Poxy. The glass cloth was pieced together to save on scrap. You are able to see where the overlap is by the color difference. This is not done on the top where cosmetics are important.
Here you can see the half finished forward deck placed behind the firewall. I have used two clamps to hold the deck in place between the firewall and instrument panel templates in order to hot wire the top surface.
The top of the forward deck has been hot wired, sanded and is now ready for glassing. You are also able to see the fuse panel I have recently installed on the lower right side of the instrument panel. That sand bag you see on the cockpit floor keeps the nose down during construction. I sure do hope I remember to remove it prior to the first flight.
All of the fiberglassing has now been completed and is ready for finishing. In this photo you are able to see the rudder cable pulleys and brackets mounted on the forward side of the main center spar on the inside of the left and right fuselage sides. The rudder cable passes about 1/8" above the forward spar. The flap handle, mounted to the front side of the forward main spar, is also seen here.
Another view of the glassed forward deck. I have used duct tape along the fuselage sides and firewall to protect them from epoxy when I glassed the top surface of the deck. This will be a removable deck.