Mark Jones' KR-2S Gull Wing Door.
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Today, I installed the Gull Wing Door for a test fit. Everything lined up for a good fit. You can see the frame is made from several materials. To begin with, I laminated four layers of 1/8th hickory to the top edge to mate up to the canopy frame. The sides are made from three layers of Last-A-Foam with two layers of fiberglass between each layer. The bottom is made in the same fashion, except I used polyurethane as I wanted a thicker frame there to match the interor canopy frame.
The initial test fit. The door still has the protective coating on it. the coating will remain there until I am finished tweaking the frame and have a coat of primer on the exterior and the frame painted on the interior.
Many clamps were used on each side to hold the preformed frame to the canopy during curing. Each side was done one at a time.
The Gull Wing Door in it's open position.
The hinges I chose are barbaric to say the least. However, they turned out real well. The hinges are low profile, stainless steel with stainless steel nuts and bolts. The beauty of these hinges is that they are very simple to install and are very strong.