Mark Jones' KR-2S Gull Wing Door.
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The following photos are of my canopy and gull wing door set up. The frame as you can see, only encompasses the door and does not extend across the canopy. Increased visibility was the purpose for doing this. Draw back is the frame is not a built in roll bar. The canopy was positioned on the forward deck and turtle deck and glassed in place using carbon fiber.  Once the canopy frame was finished, I proceeded to cut the section of canopy out which would become the door. I masked the door frame area and drew my lines. With a Dremel Tool and a cut off wheel, I ever so carefully cut the canopy door out. To make up a door frame, I used 1/8" x 3" Oak strips. First, I laminated the first strip to the fixed canopy where the door was cut out using T-88 epoxy and clamping  and allowing each layer to cure before applying the next Oak strip. This process took five days since I laminated five layers of oak to make the frame. The corner of the door frame was interlapped creating a very strong joint. Only 1 1/2" of the 3" width of the strip was laminated to the canopy. After all laminating was finished and cured, I very carefully, using a jig saw, cut out the half of the frame work which was not laminated to the fixed canopy. This resulted in a perfect match for that portion of the door frame. The rear door frame, which mates to the turtle deck, was done in a similar fashion except I laminated three layers of fiberglass and 1/4" lastofoam, kind of making a triple decker sandwich in which to cut the rear frame from. This was then laminated to the door glass with T-88 epoxy. The hinges are very simple. They are slightly modified "barn door" hinges purchased at the local hardware store. There will be locking pins installed in all four corners of the door for that positive closure and locking security.