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Phil Bookman's KR-2
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This is G-BOUN, which I have had for about a year and flying from a farm strip in Leicesterhire UK. It has an 1835 VW with compressions set at 8-1. I have done about 80 odd hours on her. She is operated out of a 440 yd strip which forces a good landing just about every time. Here is me landing her. I have to hit a fairly interesting landing envelope about 50-55 over the end and the wheels must touch down on the first 50-75 yds so its a low approach every time. Landing, well we have got that down to about first 200-250 yds and you have to be on it all the time. See picture kr2 me landing. Flaps realy do make a difference and I think an extra belly board would be even better, improving the view over the nose. She takes off in about 150-220 yds and you can cruise, depending on your mood, from 90 mph to about 135 mph with the current prop. She pulls about 3000rpm static and is fitted with electronic ignition and a mag and a Stromberg carb. She burns about 12 litres an hour. What more do you want, lol. Handling is very nice and she does everything asked of her. She stalls about 38 kts indicated with flaps down. I took the spats (wheel pants) off the other day and lost 10 mph so you can be sure they were soon back on. Over here you just need carb heat especialy in winter. I have seen an 1/8 of ice in winter all over the carb and manifold from just ticking over . Tappets on this are set at around 10 thou as we think in an airplane the heads get hotter. She is also fitted with 4 chts and 4 egts to give some idea of what is going on. Tappets are checked regularly and so is the prop tension at about every 10-15 hrs. Empty weight is around 600lbs.

The following photos were taken on 3-28-2007 after Phil crash landed. Foutunately Phil walked away from the crash with only bruises and scratches. Unfortunately the plane did not fare so well. We are all thankful Phil is ok.

The next photo is of Phil's recently acquired KR. This looks to be one nice KR and I am sure Phil will enjoy it as much as his last.

This is a photo nof Phil's new KR B-BNML after his first few flights.