Mark Jones' KR-2S Stub Wing (page 2)
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2/01/03  This is the bottom of the right stub wing after glassing. The foam was glued in using a two-part foam mix. After the foam core was securely glued in place, I then sanded the foam to the contour of the wing. After this was done, all voids and dents were filled with Super Fil and sanded smooth. Next, I applied a coat of micro slurry followed by 5.8oz fiberglass BID cloth laid up on a 45 degree bias. Peel Ply was then applied and the wing was left to cure. After curing was complete, the Peel Ply was peeled away leaving an almost perfect surface.
2/02/03 This is a photo showing both stub wings. Next, I will fill the area between the inboard stub wing rib and the fuselage with foam. The foam will then be shaped and glassed.
2/8/2003 Here you see I have filled the area between the inboard rib and the fuselage side with two-part foam.
2/8/2003 This is after the two-part foam cured and I sanded to shape. The fillet is now almost eady to glass.
2-15-2003. In these two photos you can see where I have began the fairings on the gear legs. First, I filled the area between the gear leg and teh stub wing bottom skin with a two-part foam. After this was rough shaped, Super Fil was used to finish thhe rough shape. After the Super Fil cures, i will use a ShurForm tool and sand paper to final shape and then glassing.
These photos are the results of two coats of Smooth Prime, which were then sanded to reveal the low spots in the skin. After they were sanded, I applied Super Fil to the low spots. When cured, the Super Fil was sanded and feathered to create a very smooth surface. After this was done, I applied two more caots of Smooth Prime.
This is the top of the left stub wing. You can see that I have faired the stub wing to the fuselage side, The same principal was use as described in the comments above on fairing the bottom stub wing to the fuselage side.