Mark Jones' KR-2S Turtle Deck
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In this photo you can see the fiberglass has cured and I am in the process of peeling off the Peel Ply fabric. By using Peel Ply you achieve a very smooth finish which is almost ready to paint.
After the Peel Ply has been removed.
To finish off the foam edge, which has been fiberglassed on both sides, is a simple procedure. Remove approximately 1/4" of foam from in between the fiberglass layers with a wire brush. I then made a mixture of Aeropoxy and Flox which would not drip off the mixing stick. Standing the turtle deck on end, I filled the area between the fiberglass where the foam was removed with the flox mixture and smoothed it out even with the fiberglass edges. Allow to cure, then sand all edges smooth.
After test fitting the canopy and sitting in the plane with the canopy on, I decided I needed more headroom. To raise the turtle deck, I simply made longeron toppers from spruce stock. I made the front 1 3/4" and tapered down to flush with the longeron at the rear. The toppers were laminated in place with T-88 epoxy and the turtle deck will sit on top of them.  I now have enough headroom where my headset does not hit the top of the canopy.