Mark Jones' KR-2S AS5046 Wing
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To begin with, the spars were built per plans. The wing attach fittings were installed and the spars were then attached to the stub wings. Next, I attached the root AS5046 wing rib and the tip AS5046 wing rib to the front and rear spars with T-88 epoxy. The ribs are made from 3/32 mahogany aircraft grade plywood. I then laminated to the outside of the wing tip rib an additional 3/8" thick rib for wing tip strength. There is a 12 gallon aluminum fuel tank installed in the wing under the urethane foam between the front and aft spar. I have also mounted my pitot/static tube approximately half way down the front of the main spar. My landing lights are mounted on the outboard tip of each wing. There will also be wing tip nav and strobe lights. The foam will be glassed on the bottom side then the top surface will be sanded to the AS5046 airfoil and glassed. Two layers of 5.8 oz fiberglass cloth wetted out with Aeropoxy will be applied and wrapped over the leading edge to the opposite side main spar thus giving 4 layers of cloth on the leading edge.
The photo below shows the landing light wired and operational. This is one of those Wal Mart driving lights which have the thick bottle cap magnifying lens. These lights are exceptionally bright and will be on each of my wing tips. I am also considering installing an alternating flashing / steady on system for better recognition when landing during daylight hours.