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As of 8/06/2018, N886MJ now has 551.4 flight hours with 647 landings. This was also my final flight of N886MJ as the new owner Craig Williams now has it at his home airport in northern Illinois.

The photo below was taken by Mark Langford on 7/26/2009 as we were flying to Oshkosh AirVenture 2009.

This award was presented to me at the 2012 KR Gathering in Mount Vernon, IL.

This award was presented to me at the 2011 KR Gathering In Mount Vernon, IL.

My KR-2S passed the 500 flight hour milestone on CORVAIR POWER as the following photo shows.

PHOTO OF THE Day (2/8/2021)
Fuselage (the boat) | Instrument Panel | Front Deck | Front Deck Hood | Turtle Deck | Engine Cowling Fabrication

Canopy  | Canopy Gull Wing Door | Completed Gull Wing Door | Canopy Door Support | Flight Controls | Elevator Trim Tab

Corvair Engine (page 1) | Corvair Engine (page 2) | Dual Facet Fuel Pumps | Oil Cooler & Filter | Oil Cooling System

Engine Baffles | Intake & Exhaust | Corvair Engine Starter Mount | Dual Ignition | Corvair Engine Mount | LED Rudder Nav Light

Matco Brakes & Diehl Gear | Secure Distributor & MSD Wires | Belly Board Speed Brake | Spars & Stub Wing (page 1)

Stub Wing (page 2) | Wing, Landing Light, Wing Tip | N886MJ Goes To The Airport | Lost My Spinner | My Car Tags

Sensenich Propeller | CorvAIRCRAFT Engine | Dropped Intake Valve Seat | Body Work & Paint | GPS & Moving Map

Aluminum Wing Tanks | Engine Pre-Heater | Wheel Pants | Hinges Rod End Bearings | Nose Wheel Brace


New KR2S Airfoil

Rudder and Elevator Hinges

KR Flying Statistics

Corvair Engine Forum Search

Aluminum WIng Tank Construction

"Scouting Field Trip"

2004 KR Gathering Photos

2005 KR Gathering Photos

KR Mini Gathering and Oshkosh 2006 slide show.

KR Mini Gathering and Oshkosh 2007 slide show.

KR Gathering 2007 slide show 1.

KR Gathering 2007 slide show 2.

KR Gathering 2008 slide show 1.

KR Gathering 2008 slide show 2.

Broken Crankshaft

Deer Strike

Sunsets, Clouds and photos to enjoy.

Fifth Bearing Set Up.

Failed Cam Gear

Airventure Oshkosh 2009


On 3-20-05, N886MJ completed
it's FIRST FLIGHT !!!!!
This web site is designed to allow you to view the building process of my KR-2S experimental aircraft. All information provided herein is the opinion of the builder and should be viewed as such. This web site is not in any way related to Rand-Robinson Engineering. This aircraft is 100% plans built and any modifications to the original drawings were made at the discretion of the builder.

Mark's e-mail address:
My project began March 21, 1998 and made it's FIRST FLIGHT on MARCH 20, 2005 almost seven years to the day.  She is sporting a Corvair engine based on the conversion procedures of William Wynne. The engine mount is a design of William Wynne and Mark Langford. The tri-gear she is sitting on is manufactured by Dan Diehl. The canopy is a Dragonfly canopy. The prop is made by Sensenich Propeller Co.
  My KR-2S is based at Zephyrhills Airport (KZPH) in Zephyrhills, Florida.  
The photo above was taken 7/23/2006 at the KR/Oshkosh Mini Gathering held at my hangar the day prior to AirVenture. This photo was taken by Mark Langford as Bob Glidden piloted Langford's KR-2S. This was also Bob Glidden's first flight in a KR and he was amazed at the performance and ease of handling of the KR.

As seen in the photo below, for the 2007 KR Mini Gathering at my hangar, we had a total of six KR's show up. They included from left to right: Rob Schmitt (KR-2), Joe Horton (KR-2S), Mark Langford (KR-2S), Bill Clapp (KR-2S), Mark Jones (KR-2S) and Pete Brautigam (KR-2S). We flew as a group of five (Pete was unable to fly there) to AirVenture 2007 on Sunday the 22nd. When we arrived, Jack Daugherty (KR-2) was already there waiting on us which made for a total of six KR's at Airventure 2007.

The photo below was taken at Oshkosh AirVenture 2007 just after we arrived by Cerdic Gould. Left to right, Mark Jones, Joe Horton (kneeling), Bill Clapp and Mark Langford. Rob Schmitt was parked in homebuilt camping so he did not make this photo and Jack Daugherty was not there to be in the photo. The KR's in the photo, front to rear are: Mark Langford's, Mark Jones', Jack Daugherty's and Joe Horton's. Bill Clapp's was parked in a different row.

The photo below was taken by William Wynne as I departed Oshkosh 2007.

The photo below was taken by Bob Glidden as I departed Oshkosh 2007. That is a Ford TriMotor in the background,

This photo shows my plane in Mar Hyde Ultimate 2K primer before I painted it. I flew N886MJ about 70 hours before she got her final paint job. The photo was taken at Hartford (HXF) Airport in Wisconsin.

The photo below was taken over Mt Vernon, Illinois (MVN) from Mark Langford's KR-2S by Ron Willett on 9-10-2005 at the KR Gathering. Flight time when this photo was taken is right at 50 hours.

Final Empty Weight
Left Main Gear 284 lbs.
Nose Gear 214 lbs.
Right Main Gear 273 lbs.
Total empty weight
771 lbs.
The Kr Net is a worldwide online group of over 650 KR experimental aircraft builders, flyers and enthusiasts. There is a wealth of information to be learned from this group. Give us a try and see if you too would like to join our group. This is a free service so you have nothing to lose. Click on the logo at left and enter the KR world.

The above photo was taken early spring of 2005 prior to application of Mar Hyde Ultimate 2K primer.

Bill Clapp doing a high speed pass over the hangers at Hartford, WI airport the day before Airventure 2005.

KR2S Projects under Construction:
  • Mark Langford's highly modified KR2S and Online Builder's Manual (flying, but still under construction!)
  • Don Reid's radical KR2XL
  • Lynn Hyder's narrowed "1930's" KR2
  • Dave Mullins' KRXL3
  • Stefan Belatchev's French KR2S
  • Tim Brown's KR2S
  • Argentina's Eduardo Barros' radical fuselage KR2
  • a newer Eduardo Barros' KR2 site
  • Bob Lee's KR2
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  • Kobus de Wet's KR2
  • Steve Andersen's KR2S
  • Ed Blocher's KR2S
  • Jaco Swanepoel's South African KR2S
  • Sid Woods' KR2
  • Kenneth Gerow's KR2
  • John Godwin's KR2S
  • Rick Farley's KR2S
  • Josh Choitz's KR2S
  • Scott Watt's "KR Super 2"
  • Wayne Bone's Australian KR2S+
  • Dubi Gefen's Isreali KR2S
  • Carlos Carvalho's Brazillian KR2
  • T & S Holland KR-2S
  • Paul Smith's Aussie KR-2S
  • Craig Williams' Seafury-like KR2S
  • Bob Johnson's KR2SSW
  • Bernie Wunder's KR2S
  • Peter Drake's Welch KR2S
  • Robert Pesak's highly modified KR2S
  • Jon Kimmel's highly modified KR2S
  • Alberto Zorsi's Italian KR2S
  • Seth Jersild's KR2S
  • Hennie van Rooyen's KR2
  • Chris Pryce's KR2S
  • Mike Sylvester's KR2S

    Completed KRs, with most recent completions at the bottom:

  • N133RM, built by Roy Marsh, and became the prototype for the KR2S
  • Bobby Muse's KR2
  • Randy Hebron's KR2
  • Lester Palmer's KR2
  • Troy Petteway's KR2
  • Ken Thomas's KR2S
  • Bill Reents' KR1
  • Jim Hill's KR2 N58DR
  • David Stuart's KR2S (New Zealand)
  • Steve Trentman's turbine powered KR2T
  • Graham Schott's KR2 (Australia)
  • Joe Beyer's KR2
  • Orma Robbins' KR2
  • Petros Avramidis' Greek KR2
  • Dean Selby's KR2S
  • Chris Gardiner's Canadian KR2S
  • Owen MacPherson's Canadian KR2 C-GGFW
  • Kevin Kelly's KR100
  • Bill Crawford's KR2S
  • Charlie Reeves' KR2
  • Christian Kogelmann's KR2S
  • Jim Faughn's KR2
  • Willie Wilson's KR2
  • Ken Atkinson's British KR2
  • Larry Flesner's 0-200 powered KR2S
  • Steve Jones' award winning KR2
  • Antonio Simone's KR1, Argentina
  • Steve Makish's KR2
  • Bill Page's KR2
  • Bill Clapp's KR2S
  • Mark Jones' KR2S
  • Mark Langford's highly modified KR2S
  • Pat Russo's KR2
  • Jeff York's KR2
  • Jeff Scott's KR2S
  • Joe Horton's KR2S
  • Serge Vidal's South African KR2
  • Phil Bookman's British KR2
  • John Martindale's Aussie KR2S
  • Dan Heath's KR2
  • Phil Matheson's KR2
  • Marcel Driessen's KR2S
  • Pete Brautigam's KR2S
  • Rob Schmitt's KR2S
  • Chip Vaughn's KR2
  • Jim Raleigh's KR2
  • Ken Jones' KR2 "Porkopolis Pig"
  • David Goodmans' KR2S
  • Benito Baldominos Baldominos' Spanish "KR2SB"
  • Rick Human's KR2
  • Brad Ankerstar's KR2
  • Robert Gill's Australian KR2
  • Chris Pryce's KR2S


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    The following three photos were also taken from Mark Langford's KR-2S over Mount Vernon, Illinois by Ron Willett on 9-10-2005 at the KR Gathering.

    The following two photos were taken by Joe Weber out of his KR-2 during my third flight over Hartford, WI on 3-28-2005. I really like the first one with the reflection on the canopy which reads experimental. That sort of tells it all.

    The following three photos were taken at Waupaca, WI on 8-20-2006. These photos compare the size of a KR-2S to a DC-3 named "PUFF".